How can we become authorized Application in cloud list


How can one become in the list of CloudApplicaitons: currently i have in my list:

  • LIFX for iOS and Android by LIFX Inc. [which is always gives an error by the way]
  • Developer by LIFX Inc. [ i think this one is for developers, i have tried it, it works grade, we can control with curl everything]
  • IFTTT by IFTTT [ that one worked only once, and stopped. But i think its related to IFTTT issue, because currently IFTTT does not function well even for other receipes]
  • Muzzley by Muzzley [That one works fine too]

So If i wanna become in this list what should i do ?

Is there any tutorials ?

Thank You

The applications listed there are ones that have integrated with us using OAuth2. We are currently trialing giving access to third parties to allow LIFX Cloud users to authenticate with OAuth2. If you are interested see the new paragraph I added at the bottom of the Authentication page in the HTTP Remote Control Docs. I’ll quote it here for posterity:

LIFX is currently exploring providing OAuth application access to select third parties. This enables your application to get an access token for your users in an automated manner. If you would like to participate in this program please email us at for consideration. Please include the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The application you will be integrating with LIFX
  • How OAuth access will improve your integration

If you are accepted into the program I’ll send you all the details you need to get connected.