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How do I access my bulb from windows apps?

Heyo, just got a lifx bulb. First smart bulb ever. I already got everything setup on my phone with the app, and the lifx uwp app on my pc also can access the bulb. However i’d like to give some of the other windows based 3rd party apps like Thundr and lifx control panel. On both of these apps they aren’t finding the bulb on my lan. Is there something super obvious that i’m missing here? Also of note, my desktop lack wifi.

You might have device isolation (or something with a similar name) switched on in your router config, or your wired PC could be connected to a different subnet.

I’m not familiar with the apps you’ve mentioned, but if they rely on the local LAN protocols that could be the issue. There are definitely third party integrations which use the web protocols instead. Those should work from anything with an internet connection.

Finally, it’s worth a quick check in the LIFX app that your bulb is connected with decent signal strength, and also connected to the cloud. You can see this by going to the bulb’s settings screen from the three dots after you’ve clicked on the bulb