How do I find the list of bulbs in the new lifx app?

The new LIFXapp is very user-friendly – as long as you are totally within the one use case. I am not … for me it is user-hostile.

How do I find the list of individual bulbs?

You don’t. Though I’m wondering why you’d want to?

Huh? How else does one manage them? Change group membership etc?

Sorry, I misunderstood your question.

If you want to see the bulbs in each group, hit the double arrow button in the bottom left-hand corner of the group box. Then hit the top of the group box to collapse it again.

Tap this button:

And you’ll see all the lights:


I had found that earlier but this time I had gone through the settings which just listed the bulbs but didn’t allow me to manage them. Given that it was so close to a per-bulb view it seemed like a cul-de-sac or local optima (depending upon your framework).

It did seem there had to be a way since it is so important.

Now I need to figure out how scenes (as opposed to groups) are implemented. At first glance I didn’t see them in the API LAN API though I see them in the cloud API.

Scenes are stored entirely in the cloud.

That’s what I thought. More reason not to use them since going to a distant land to control my house is a problematic concept.

The solution here is to periodically poll the cloud servers for scene data and store that locally, and then just replay it locally on request. That’s what I’ve seen done before in various implementations (including Photons, IIRC)

To clarify, if you execute a scene in the app and you’re on the same network as your lights, the scene will be executed locally, it’s just that the definition of the scene is stored in the cloud.

Understood. The definition is cached in the app. If I do my own app I guess I can periodically poll for new scene definitions as per

OK, just saw you said the same thing. But scenes are of limited use to me because I want them to be defined across products.

I assume this means you want to be able to create/update scenes in your app. If so, you’re out of luck because I don’t believe there is an HTTP endpoint that allows for scene creation. Though, I suspect it wouldn’t be too difficult to work out via MITM reverse engineering.

Or I could simply implement my own scenes across devices – something I already do. The real issue is getting things like Alexa to understand them and that’s a boatload of work …

I now understand why I’m confused. Half the time I press the arrows the box collapses instead of showing me the devices. Either there is a bug or the sensitve area doens’t work on groups near the bottom of the screen.

It could be a Android 10 problem since the edges of the screen are used by the OS.