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How do I reset a LIFX bulb


I have 4 LIFX BR30 bulbs (the color version and the version prior to Homekit support)
At the moment only 3 is available in the LIFX app so I would like if I could reset the 4th so I can control it again.
I know I can toggle my light switch to reset the bulbs - except that I can’t.
The reason for this is that my “light switch” is a Insteon Remote Switch that when pressed trigger a program running on an ISY994 which has Polyglot and LIFX Node-server running. The switch is battery operated and 110VAC to the bulb is “hardwired” always to the bulbs.
Now - all 4 bulbs respons to the Insteon Switch (pressing on when lights are off turns on ALL 4 bulbs and when all lights are on pressing the switch turns all 4 OFF. However - the LIFX app doesn’t recognize one of the bulbs and can’t control it.
Is there a way to reset a single bulb and if yes how?



The only way to reset a bulb is to turn it off and on 5 times in a row (unless it’s an original, they have a switch on the bulb itself).

I take it you can’t remove the non responding bulb and use a seperate light fixture to factory reset it?


Can I remove the bulb? I suppose I can but giving that something (in this case ISY994/Polyglot) apparently can communicate with the bulb - are you saying that LIFX-App doesn’t have a similar capability? Seems odd.




I’m not sure I understand what your setup is that makes it difficult to power cycle an individual bulb.

But the app doesn’t know how to factory reset a bulb.