How do I reset a LIFX bulb

I have 4 LIFX BR30 bulbs (the color version and the version prior to Homekit support)
At the moment only 3 is available in the LIFX app so I would like if I could reset the 4th so I can control it again.
I know I can toggle my light switch to reset the bulbs - except that I can’t.
The reason for this is that my “light switch” is a Insteon Remote Switch that when pressed trigger a program running on an ISY994 which has Polyglot and LIFX Node-server running. The switch is battery operated and 110VAC to the bulb is “hardwired” always to the bulbs.
Now - all 4 bulbs respons to the Insteon Switch (pressing on when lights are off turns on ALL 4 bulbs and when all lights are on pressing the switch turns all 4 OFF. However - the LIFX app doesn’t recognize one of the bulbs and can’t control it.
Is there a way to reset a single bulb and if yes how?


The only way to reset a bulb is to turn it off and on 5 times in a row (unless it’s an original, they have a switch on the bulb itself).

I take it you can’t remove the non responding bulb and use a seperate light fixture to factory reset it?

Can I remove the bulb? I suppose I can but giving that something (in this case ISY994/Polyglot) apparently can communicate with the bulb - are you saying that LIFX-App doesn’t have a similar capability? Seems odd.



I’m not sure I understand what your setup is that makes it difficult to power cycle an individual bulb.

But the app doesn’t know how to factory reset a bulb.

My setup is described above.
I’m trying to solve the problem that LIFX hasn’t or don’t want to solve which is “the switch”.
In my view Smart Lighting cannot depend on someone toggling a physical switch before it becomes “smart”. Nor can you assume that your customer will stop toggling LIFX light with a switch and instead pick up their phone, unlock their phone, find the LIFX App, launch the LIFX app, find the light or group of lights they want to control and press an icon on the screen. BTW - this example assumes that you have your phone with you - imagine the hassle if you need to add the following:
Pick up the phone, crab I don’t have my phone, where did I put my phone, search for my phone, can’t find it, find another phone, call my phone, listen for the ringing …
It just doesn’t compete with the super simple “push the switch” UI which pretty much everyone is so familiar with.
My solution uses ISY994, Polyglot and LIFX nodeserver plus an Insteon battery operated switch which I have put where my physical switch used to be (and where everyone expects the switch to be located). The switch sends “toggling” information to the ISY which then sends a message to the LIFX bulb to either turn on or off. Since this require that the bulbs are powered I have hardwired 110 VAC to them (ie 110VAC no longer is connected through a switch)
With this setup I can no longer toggle the switch to reset them (it wouldn’t do anything) and unscrewing the bulb - well some of my bulbs are in the ceiling and is ~6 meter (20 feet) above the floor.
Could I find a ladder and get to the bulb - yes. Could I “un-hardwire” the bulb - yes. But both are rather inconvenient - I’m sure you would agree.

As I mentioned in my initial post - even though the LIFX app were not able to detect one of my bulbs toggling the Insteon switch did toggle all the bulbs on or off. This tells me that the LIFX Nodeserver on the my ISY994 were able to send commands to the bulb and it tells me that even though part of the software in the bulb had crashed other part were still responding correctly. My guess is the the HTTP API had “crashed” but the LIFX LAN interface had not.

I seriously think that you (LIFX) need to solve the switch problem (HUE has a $20 solution to this problem I think) and when you solve this problem you’ll need either a very very reliable HTTP interface or have one interface reset the other in case one of them goes down.
For me - I don’t intend to invest in more LIFX bulbs before the switch problem gets solved - sorry.