How do you name your lights?

Hey everyone,

As the topic asks, I’m looking for insight or suggestions on what naming conventions you settled on for your lights and why, particularly for anyone who uses the HomeKit integration.

Naming a single bulb in a room is easy, e.g. “Bathroom Light”, but when you have 8x GU10 bulbs in a single room, trying to differentiate the bulbs while remaining semantically clear for guests is becoming tricky.

I’ve “settled” at the moment on using identifiers for what the bulb is near, e.g. “Lounge Window” or where the bulb is directionally, e.g. “Kitchen North” but I can’t say I’m particularly happy with this because it makes asking Siri to turn them on/off quite silly.

So, what do you use? How does it work for you?


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I also use “[room] [landmark]”, e.g. “Kitchen Window”, “Kitchen Appliances”, “Bedroom Window”, etc.

I used a simple “L1” & “L2”. Short, simple, unique, does not conflict with anything else and is easy to voice command, “OK Google, Turn L1 to Red.” “L” is for LiFx. I use a similar “TP1” and “TP2” for my TP-Link devices.

I landed on [room][area][location], for example: Great Room Rear Left, with groups by [room] and [area] (we have ton of pot lights in our house). It makes communicating through Alexa more natural as well.