How long do lights wait before self-rebooting when they've lost connectivity?

I have 6 bulbs, all hard-coded IP addresses, and all network devices are monitored by my linux server that pings them every 15 mins and lets me know if anything is offline.

Every now and then one of my lights will stop responding to regular pings, but still responds to an arping (unicast) and still functions properly.

However, sometimes a light goes completely offline and won’t respond to pings or arpings. At this point, the light will not respond to LAN protocol commands or any sort of pings.

I’ve noticed that when a light goes completely offline like this, that it will self-reboot after a few hours.

Question: Is there any way I can decrease the amount of time the light waits before it self-reboots? Or any special LAN packet I can send to force a reboot?