How many connection probs are fixed by using constant power?

It seems that for all of our stuff and others I’m familiar with, LIFX lamps that have constant power never have any connection problems while those that have supply power to them switched on/off and particularly off for longer periods of time are more susceptible to disconnects and problems reconnecting.

Long DHCP leases do not necessarily seem to help.

Is this largely true across the board (assuming a solid WiFi environment)?

Doing some limited experimentation… So far ALL LIFX lamps that have constant power stay connected. About 50% of LIFX lamps without constant power have lost connection and must be re-adopted. My guess is that over the coming weeks the 50% will increase and eventually reach 100%.

The problem seems to be bad NVRAM. After some period of days/weeks the lamp forgets who it is (the DHCP lease times are 1 year and when re-adopted maintain their original IP address). The app still knows about it and appears to have all of the correct info.