How to achieve this Colour on the A19 Bulb?

Hi Guys,

Need some help, achieving this, so If someone can help it would be highly appreciated !!

I have two LIFX A19 in a room which is 15X10 i.e. 150 Square Feet and I have two A19 bulbs facing each other from both the sides of the room. Can you please tell me what is the colour used in this attached picture, and how can I achieve this colour using my two A19 bulbs to create a colour similar to this. Please check the attached picture

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I do something similar to that photo for a movie mode in our family room. Iā€™m using 3d0049 and 7300cc which is roughly a dark magenta mixed with a purple.

But how to achieve that colour ? I mean you have said what you do. But can you suggest how to do it ?