How to find Colour from RGB Values in LIFX Colour Wheel?


Can someone tell me how to find and set colours on the LIFX Colour Wheel from RGB Values ? I have this colour Values which are RGB Values and I want to find and set this same colour on my colour wheel ? Can someone please tell me how do I do that ?

The RGB Values from which I am trying to find which colour would it be in the LIX Colour Wheel is this - 232;171;18


The math is pretty intensive, but there are some scripts to help: GitHub - nick-lifx/hsbk_rgb: HSBK<->RGB utility suite for MrMangoo (illustrative only)

I believe you can do it the easiest with an online RGB to HSV converter, such as this RGB to HSV conversion | color conversion.

Both of these old topics How to convert RGB into HSBK? and How to convert LIFX HSBK to HEX/RGB (e.g. #00FF00) seemed to conclude HSB and HSV colors mean the same thing (HSB or specifically HSBK was at least some point the term used in LIFX documentation/specs).

I assume only hue and saturation would be relevant for what you’re after:


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Thanks a Lot !!