How to identify the Color Type of the Light

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As you all know that we are having two types of Color Wheels to change the colour of the light. One with all the Colours and Other with Kelvin Temperature Ranges. How the Developer will be known that to which type the Light is Currently set to in the Following API (
Is there any parameter to know the Colour Type is set to?
“id”: “d073d5141876”,
“uuid”: “02a5b510-2d3d-46ea-92ac-c4533f75c24e”,
“label”: “Lamp”,
“connected”: true,
“power”: “on”,
“color”: {
“hue”: 59.997253376058595,
“saturation”: 1,
“kelvin”: 3500
“brightness”: 0.29999237048905164,
“effect”: “OFF”,
“group”: {
“id”: “06e3ec50395511e9a0757200055bf1c0”,
“name”: “Loungeroom”
“location”: {
“id”: “f2c1aa82395411e9a0757200055bf1c0”,
“name”: “Home”
“product”: {
“name”: “Color 1000”,
“identifier”: “lifx_color_a19”,
“company”: “LIFX”,
“capabilities”: {
“has_color”: true,
“has_variable_color_temp”: true,
“has_ir”: false,
“has_chain”: false,
“has_multizone”: false,
“min_kelvin”: 2500,
“max_kelvin”: 9000
“last_seen”: “2019-02-25T23:40:40Z”,
“seconds_since_seen”: 0


So colour on a LIFX device is represented by 4 values: hue, saturation, brightness and kelvin.

The hue is the specific colour, saturation is how much colour, brightness is how bright it is, and kelvin effects how it looks when the device is white.

So to answer your question, a device is white when saturation is 0 and the different sections of the white wheel represents different kelvin values.

Furthermore, the capabilities object tell you whether the device supports saturation greater than 0 (the “has_color” property) and whether the device supports different kelvin values (the “has_variable_color_temp” property).

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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That is your colour. As you can see saturation is 1 so would be the colour wheel I would suspect but as it is so low the light probably looks white.

saturation is a float between 0 and 1 in this response, so that is actually full saturation.

Doh of course, I forgot. yes full colour.
Been a while since I used the API, I use LifxLAN now.