How to monitor two devices leaving the home

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Investing heavily in LIFX, have plans for 24 bulbs and counting :slight_smile:. I am wondering if there is a method in which I could have the app or another service wait until both me and my girlfriend are gone before turning lights off. Ideally, the solution would see one of us leaving and see if the other person is in the house, then make a decision to turn the lights off. Thoughts?

This is something we have been looking into. The best way to do this right now is to utilise the ‘Save Energy -> Dim lights when away’ feature in our Nest integration. Nest probably has the best Home/Away tracking that I have seen so far.

That said, we know that most of our users don’t have a Nest and we have been experimenting with geofencing changes for quite some time. I’d stay tuned to future app updates if I were you. :wink:

Ah yes, I don’t have a Nest either, unfortunately. I was hoping to find a way to use IFTTT to see Person 1 leaving > Look for Person 2 > If not found, turn off lights; but I can’t seem to do that.

Life360. I use this for the exact reason you are inquiring. Have its a Safety/Family app. You have everyone in your “House” download the app, and it tracks who is in and out of the house. So you can then use IFTTT to look for when the house is empty. So in my case, my Fiancee and I both have the app. I created a HOME, the app will alert me when a family member arrives, leaves, etc… SO in IFTTT you can have LIFX wait until HOME is empty or “When 1st person arrives… turn on lights” or “When last person leaves… turn off lights”.
But i do agree with Dan, the Nest away is the best. Sometimes Life360 can get hungup or delay in location pings.

The only down side to this is you have to have the Nest Thermostat. I only have the camera, which is a cheaper way to get in the Nest IoT, but without the thermostat a lot of the cool features that you can use are not there.

Thanks for the tip - not sure my girlfriend would like the intense amount of detail that the life360 app looks like it has, haha

Oh its very creepy… but it definitely fixed my problem… but now she knows where i am… everywhere… all the time…

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