How to use lighting_controller_service?

I am testing controller client and controller service by
I spawned lighting_controller_service process by inputing “lighting_controller_service” on one terminal, then I input ps found there were two processes called lighting_controller_service like below.

2279 root 1216 S /usr/sbin/dropbear -F -P /var/run/ -p 22 -K 300
2280 root 1500 S -ash
7138 root 6220 S lighting_controller_service
** 7139 root 22412 S lighting_controller_service**
7281 root 1492 R ps

and I killed the two process and I input “lighting_controller_service -f” then input ps found there is one process like below:

2280 root 1500 S -ash
7456 root 22312 S lighting_controller_service -f

So I want to know if the phenomenon(saw two processes by ps) is normal when input " lighting_controller_service" on the terminal ?