How to verify Firmware versions iOS

Is there a quick and simple way to verify the bulbs firmware versions in the iOS App?
If I “send feedback” I can read the .txt file but should it be listed under the “edit” menu of each bulb?
Also how do I know all my bulbs have the latest firmware? I see my originals seem to be at 2.1 but my colour 1000 is at 1.13.

Color 1000 and Originals have a different hardware platform and therefore different firmware versions.
1.13 is indeed the latest publicly released version for Color 1000, 2.1 the latest publicly released firmware version for the Original bulb.
If you open the color control screen for an individual bulb, it should display update instead of edit if there is a newer firmware version available.

Thanks for the reply.
Is there anywhere to see a list of what the latest firmware versions are?
I still think it would be beneficial to add a line to the edit window showing the firmware version.

Hi Cashie,

We will be displaying the firmware version of each bulb in the light details soon in one of the upcoming app releases.

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