HTTP 207 - Lights Don't Respond

I’ve just recently started receiving HTTP 207 response codes when trying to execute previously working calls against the V1 API. Anyone have any ideas? The response says lights are “OK” - but nothing happens.

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Hi, Could you PM the output to me?


I am experiencing the same. It seems this:

// PUT /v1/lights/all/state
“power”: “off”,
“infrared”: 1.0,

Doesn’t work anymore. Whatever I send with JSON, it returns “ok” but nothing happens. Seriously, you changed the API without any notice or documentation? Wtf.

Edit: like somebody pointed out in another thread, the missing content type header seems to cause this.

I’ve got similar issues with the temperature value as it no longer responds to kelvin:6500 despite returning HTTP 207. My guess is that it’s in some way related. I have screaming users wanting to know why it’s stopped working and blaming my software but I’m convinced it’s nothing I’ve done.

I did however discover what might be causing your issue. Try adding content-type: application/json to your HTTP headers. It seems now it is enforcing this whereas before we got away without it.

What language are you using? I was able to get mine to work again by modifying the headers to match 100% the api documentation.

David McSpadden
Founder & CEO

We have rolled out a fix to assume a Content-Type of application/json if none is specified. However you should not depend on this behaviour and always send a Content-Type.