HTTP API endpoint for editing groups?

Is there a way to assign/unassign/edit groups and groupnames from the HTTP API? My app is using groups and it would be nice if I could keep the groups identical across platforms.

There is currently no method in the HTTP API for altering or editing groups in any way. I’m raising a feature request internally for you. Stay tuned to this ticket for any further information.

This will be great news. Looking forward to it

Any news on this one Dan? I’m about to go through and write my own groups management system for my app but I really don’t want to do it if you guys are about to expose groups to the API.

This is not yet on the roadmap.

Ok no worries, It’s kinda nice to have full control over it anyway.

Thats what I ended up doing. Created my own groups in a mysql database. Web/App sends the request to the group and the backend sends the command to the lights. Pretty easy stuff.

I still would like the function if we can in the future but for now it works.