HTTP API: Scene hue value not returning


I’ve just noticed scenes saved with a hue value of 0 (i.e. a “red” scene) aren’t returning the 0 hue value in the HTTP API “/scenes” endpoint response.

To replicate…

  • Set a light to “red” via the “/state” endpoint using:
    {color: "hue:0 saturation:1 brightness:1"}
  • Save a new scene using just that light in its “red” state via the LIFX iOS app (v3.7.4)
  • Inspect your scenes via the “/scenes” endpoint and you’ll see no hue value for your new red scene

Applying that new red scene via the “/activate” endpoint sets your light to red, but as the “/scenes” endpoint does not return a hue value you’re unable to create a GUI in your apps to represent the fact that scene is indeed red.

Hope that makes sense! I can also replicate this with a hue value of 1.



Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We managed to reproduce it internally and we have deployed a fix. The API should now display zero values for HSBK items.

We would appreciate it if you could test again and let us know if everything is as you expect.



Hi @delfick-employee,

I’ve tested your fix and everything works as expected.

Thank you!

:smiley: :+1: