HTTP API Wrapper for .Net

If anyone is coding in .Net (including Xamarin) and wants a simple way to add in some LIFX integration, I’ve made a thin wrapper around the HTTP API which is available through nuget, and in development on github. There are currently a few improvements in the github codebase, but 1.0.0 up on nuget should be enough for basic listing and control. If you have any improvements, pull requests are welcome. I mainly wrote this to use with simple Kinect for Windows projects.

Currently, there is no public way to do authentication, so you’ll have to generate a personal access token through account settings.

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Excellent! So now .NET platforms have a library for HTTP API control and Local LAN control. Hopefully this means we will see some awesome .NET applications for LIFX bulbs!

…as an update my local lan API now supports Xamarin Android/iOS too (and actually anything where .NET Standard 1.3+ is implemented, so also Linux, Tizen 3.0 etc)