Hue Play HDMI Sync for lifx light strip

Hi Lifx team

Any plan to create similar hardware that Hue has that will control lifx lights based on hdmi input? It’ll be a great addition to have.

I’m not familiar with Hue’s feature, but I am curious since I would really like to have visual sync based on sound that doesn’t rely on mic pickup from a device running the LIFX app.

The LIFX LAN protocol has a waveform function, which I assume that’s how the native app does its visual audio.

This is a pretty good use case step that up a notch with a feature that goes beyond “novelty”.

I just briefly read the spec and it looks like you’d need analyse sound waves which in turn translate to a compatible value that the LAN protocol understands.

There’s an oscilloscope module for python as an example.

You could analyse audio taken from HDMI or any other output you desire (you’d need to an audio splitter), analyse the waveform, and fire off the appropriate UDP payload to the light(s) you want to control.

Don’t mistake me for someone who has any idea what they are talking about, purely spit-balling. Hopefully someone can extrapolate more on how the feature might be approached.

The audio from hdmi is a great idea I hadn’t thought of but I think @Televisi means for the picture. So it will light up behind your TV based on screen contentimages (12) .

That sort of thing…

There’s the open source Hyperion Ambilight project, which does basically this. It supports a range of devices, but last I checked didn’t support LIFX directly. I took a brief look, but my C++ skills aren’t good enough to figure out a driver. An OOB solution would be lovely. HDMI passthrough would be my preferred route, although as Hue Play support are aware, that’s a great way to really annoy all the people who’ve just shelled out for a smart TV with Netflix built in…


I’ve never been a fan of using the inbuilt smart TV features. The software never gets updated. Always use an external box like Android TV or similar. So hdmi pass through is the best option always.