Huge Stability Issues

I recently submitted a support ticket for the issues I’ve been experiencing and it’s become apparent that all I’m going to get via email correspondence is generic responses from customer service.

Can I please get some useful feedback? I would appreciate it.

Here is my ticket: 158663

and my message:

I’ve owned three Lifx Color 1000s for about 3 months now. Aside from some connectivity issues during the initial setup, they’ve worked great until a few days ago. Nothing has changed in my setup which is baffling to me.

The first problems that I had were just general connection problems aka the random loss of control of the bulbs via the app. My schedules that I’d set also just stopped working.

Soon after that they just completely refused to work properly… At all. To the point that they were useless as anything other than regular light bulbs.

I’ve tried literally everything that is recommended within your troubleshooting guide and even suggestions from the community. I’ve had temporary success, then it all fails again within minutes.

The random nature of this failure makes me think it’s a hardware problem. As I’ve said, nothing was changed in my configuration. All 3 going bad at once seems odd, but I literally cannot come up with another explanation.

Additional info:

  • Phone: Nexus 6P, running Android 6.0.1… NOT Android M Preview like the app seems to think. Not rooted.
  • There are no obstructions, all bulbs have direct line of sight to the router.
  • In order for the initial pairing to work reliably, I must use airplane mode with only WiFi enabled, having an LTE network connection seems to cause it to fail.
  • Syncing with my Lifx Cloud account is severely buggy. After factory resetting a bulb and pairing, attempting to claim the bulb to my account fails almost every time. When it does claim, it disappears from the app completely, leaving me with zero control.

I’ve tried two different accounts, and, both have the same problems. If you could delete them so I could remake the accounts, maybe that would help?

So, needless to say, I am not one bit happy. I was furious during the hours I’d spent trying to fix this.

I had bragged about this brand compared to Hue to my friends and now I’m eating my words like a fool.

For the amount of money I’ve invested in your products, I hope this can be resolved. This experience has been unacceptable.

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Hi Kris,

I can assure you that we don’t use automated messages often, there is almost always a human sending a response. That said we get a lot of support cases, especially over black friday and christmas and for efficiency we often send form emails for the first few responses.

I’ve flagged your case internally so you should be receiving a response shortly either from myself or someone in the support team.


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Thank you.

I’ve sent in some feedback files via email support. Hopefully we can figure this out, I really miss having my lights working.

Any updates on this?

Have you not yet got a response from customer service? I’ll bump your case again. :smiley:

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