I am pretty tech savvy but this is just ridiculous

I got the 6 white bulb pack

installed 3 of them so far

here is what is happening

  1. take the bulb screw it into the socket
  2. bulb turns on and starts broadcasting the setup ID
  3. On iPad i see the default wifi being broadcasted i connect to it
  4. launch the LIFX app and see the Bulb
  5. The setup shows me my wireless network to connect to
  6. After i type in the password the bulb turn off and on
  7. but it never shows up in the App
  8. I see it on the network and can ping its IP address
  9. i also tried Android app from my Samsung S6

No luck
I downloaded the firmware updater to my MacBook Pro and it is not able to find the freaking bulbs either

i reset the bulbs by doing the on and off 5 times and re added the bulbs but they don’t show up in any of the apps,

I opened a ticket and the guys have not been any help keeps asking me the questions i have answered above.

I do a wireshark and i don’t see the freaking bulbs broadcasting or talking at all the only thing that shows up is the ping echo reply.

I’m in nearly the same boat here.

I bought a six pack, opened one and am unsuccessful getting it to show up on my iphone app.

  1. bulb in socket
  2. bulb turns on, SSID broadcast, and is joinable by my iphone
  3. launch the LIFX app, set the bulb to my network SSID, and the bulb acknowledges the join.
  4. I can watch my DHCP server hand out an IP to the bulb, to a MAC of d0:73:d5:xx:xx:xx
  5. I can ping the ip associated with the MAC, and it stops pinging when i power off the bulb, and starts again when powered on.
  6. I can see _alljoyn._tcp.local advertisements to and using tcpdump on my router.

Here’s a bulb startup sequence…
> IP > ICMP echo request, id 49190, seq 0, length 28
> IP > 0 [2q] [2au] PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._tcp.local. PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._udp.local. (233)
> IP > 0 [2q] [2au] PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._tcp.local. PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._udp.local. (233)
> ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28
> ARP, Reply is-at xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, length 28
> IP > 3374+ A? time1.google.com. (34)
> IP > 3374 1/4/4 A (186)
> IP > NTPv4, Client, length 48
> IP > NTPv4, Server, length 48
> IP > 0 [2q] [2au] PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._tcp.local. PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._udp.local. (233)
> IP > 0 [2q] [2au] PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._tcp.local. PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._udp.local. (233)
> IP > 0 [2q] [2au] PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._tcp.local. PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._udp.local. (233)
> IP > 0 [2q] [2au] PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._tcp.local. PTR (QU)? _alljoyn._udp.local. (233)

The bloody thing never shows up in my iphone app.

If I hard reset the bulb with the 5 times on/off sequence, and start over, I get the same results.

I’ve even downloaded and executed the firmware update utility, which did update the firmware from 10ab??? to 102.???, and then done the hard reset sequence with the same results again.

Really disheartening. I’m ready to send the 6 pack back for a refund.

I’ve even disabled all firewall rules on my wifi router, with no change in behavior.

Is there anything I’m missing?

so my issue was i was running a dual band AP so 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz the bulbs were connecting to 2.4GHZ while everything else was 5Ghz. I switched 5Ghz off and everything showed up. after you onboard a bulb and add it to the cloud than you can enable the 5Ghz again and the bulb will continue to work.

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Ok, an update.
I am using FreeBSD as a router.
I was able to get things working by removing -apbridge from my wlan0 interface.

Thank you so much!!!
You’ve found the real problem for LIFX bulbs not being visible. And it is obvious to me now. When router have several wi-fi networks bulbs are randomly connected to the different networks (as well as phones).
I’ve also temporarily left only one 2.4 Ghz network and everything works fine now. But this is definitely not the best solution I would expect from LIFX team side. Hopefully they can solve this issue with multiple wi-fi networks.

Thank you again for your advice!

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