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I do not like 4.0!

New to the group.
I do not like 4.0!
Pointless cartoons waste space.
The app is much less useful and no longer fits on one screen.



I agree completely!!

Also where’d my “Multiple Groups” go!! I use to be able to have different groups with the same devices in multiple groups. Either can’t find how to do it or can’t do it. That’s a big problem after a long time of using the set up in that manner. I have/had Alexa Routines that uses those various groups to do separate things. And I am use to making commands for those separate groups that . . . “WAIT!” I thought I’d try “again” and I can make commends now using those “lost” groups, but they are not in the app, can not be altered, adjusted, created or deleted. To be fair I had to try and see, again . . .

Nice to see the sales area is OK. But the “What’s New” (nice, proper capitalization) area link, more cartoons that go way too fast for you to see all of what’s happening in them. And “Contact Support” . . . “I Couldn’t/Can’t!”

Not sure what is trying to be accomplished compared to what we had, but you missed big time . . .


Having a single bulb in muiltple groups has never been possible. The group is stored on the bulb and there is only space for a single group. It may have been something on the Alexa/Amazon side (I can do it in HomeKit, for example), but not in the native app.

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Is anyone here?
Pointless cartoons waste space.
There is no excuse.
You made a mistake.
Give us back the old app.

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Hi Hal,

Yes, we are reading all the feedback we are getting from our users about the new design. The illustrations are just the default images, you can configure them with whatever images you prefer. Dividing lights up into groups and using imagery to allow users to easily differentiate between them was done to add a more logical hierarchy between your devices and make them easier to find. We have a lot of planned features that will be built upon this new design.

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Thank you for the reply.

How do I remove the images and fit the controls on one screen?

If you have plans to finish the app perhaps it would be better to do that first.

In the meantime, could we have the old one back?

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Hi All,

i had a massive job after downloading 4.0. Rooms disappeared, Lights going into incorrect groups etc.
It has taken me well over a week to get some of them back. in the end I deleted them all and started over again. Used to be able to control the lights very simply. Not anymore. Lights keep getting mixe up into different cats.
I also have a lot of problems adding groups as it looks as if they have added or the whole app locks up.
The widget does not work more than it does work and locks up along the way. disappointing.


Hi All,

I agree that the old version of the app was way easier and more convenient to use.
Having the scenes and groups on separate pages does feel like a waste of space as well as clunkier to use. It seems rather difficult now and confusing to gain individual control of a bulb or a scene.

Also the scenes page is super clunky. The size of the icons for each scene takes up too much space. Perhaps if we had a way to customize the layout a little more to tailor it to each of our needs.


I have been using App 4.0 for a week or two now and I do seem to be struggling a bit. I am sure many hours were spent creating it and Undoubedtly I will find some benefits in due course. The bit I can’t find is the ‘Lamp Condition’ the website shows a picture (Hopefully I have managed to add it here) the simple symbol shows the lamp, name, illuminated or not & percentage. I really like the simple uncluttered elegance of it, I’m using Android and just can’t find it. Can you please explain how I get to it. Thanks

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In the new app, tap the group box to expand the group and you’ll see the individual lamp states for that group:

Though, I note that brightness is not clearly indicated like before. Hopefully they address that too.

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Thanks for that, however that is very dissapointing , if you look at my earlier post you can see how clear and elegant the layout is now I have this, it’s cluttered and as you say the brightness level is very unclear.

I have managed to improve the look of the interface by replacing the “Drawings” with a black photograph, I think it improves the clarity.


However I would still prefer the originl, simple layout, what do other people think?


I think I trust LIFX to take this feedback on board and improve their new app. The old one was woefully inefficient for large deployments and I find this new version quicker and more crisp. However, I’ll admit it’s currently less intuitive but I think that’ll change too.

Also, with the introduction of the Switch, LIFX needed a new app that covers more than just lights.

Yep, I think thats fair comment the app does seem quicker and the lights respond more quickly than before, but the appearance is so poor.
I’m also struggling with Amazon Alexa creating duplicates every day, but I don’t think that’s the fault of Lifx just SmartThings & Alexa.
I hope you’re right and that Lifx will evolve to a clearer, cleaner interface.


My feedback is simple. I am on an S8+. When I open the app, it just sits there and doesn’t populate the lights. I have to close the app maybe 1 or 2 more times before it lists all my bulbs (42 of them) in their assigned groups.

Also, I am running ST automation with the device handler LGoG (Lifx Group of Groups). I’ve been noticing that my lights partially run the automations now in lieu of the new app upgrade. They seem to get “stuck” at 30% brightness vs running to their pre-programmed level. I have to go into the Lifx app (close, restart, close, restart) then run my “whole house scene” to reset all the bulbs. It’s not the home automation that I expected. Sigh…

Seriously, I wish two powerhouses of “home automation” would work together better. I have to use a 3rd party device handler so all my bulbs in a group get triggered through ST automations. Why can’t Lifx improve their device handlers to work like this with first party support?!



Can you try the Android Beta and see if that improves the App seeing all your lights?

As for SmartThings, the LIFX App doesn’t have any affect on cloud integrations, so that shouldn’t be the problem here. I’ll respond to the other SmartThings notes in the separate thread you made.