I just want a physical switch for my LIFX bulbs

I bought the LIFX bulbs because they sounded so great. I had NO idea it would be so difficult to also control them from a switch. I’ve spent a couple hours chasing answers and I think I have something.

Smart Things hub
and a
Lutron Connected bulb remote control (and also a wall mount and wall plate)

Can someone confirm this would give me what I need?

Right now I have a Wink hub and some Lightify bulbs, but those will work with the ST hub so I’m fine ditching it.


That’s the lutron remote I’m looking at.

Or I could do a Logitech POP? I do have a Harmony remote and a Harmony hub, it’s probably 4 years old?


this route would only be about $40 if it works.

This would also work with a ST hub? I like the Lutron better though

Or I could do a Logitech POP? I do have a Harmony remote and a Harmony hub, it’s probably 4 years old?

I have several Lopitech Pops, and they work flawlessly with the LIFX Gen 1 and 2 bulbs. I have not tried with Gen3 yet. I wish they had more click patterns, but for now I can turn on and off three separate groups of POIFX from a single Pop switch.

There is no dimmer option with the Pop, though - only on and off.

Thank you. While it would be nice to dim I just need some sort of switch. Love the lifx bulbs but I’ve been regretting the purchase after spending at least 6 hours researching this over the past couple of weeks and getting nowhere.

Logitech pop is definitely the way to go, then. I really like it, and the only time it doesn’t work is when I am mucking with my network. Just like all of these IOT devices, if you have a flaky network, they can be a pain. I could not be happier with the Pop when using it for your use case - it is bomb proof.

Does this take up one of the activities on the harmony remote? Isn’t the remote limited to like 6 or 8 activities?

Nope! Works directly with the lifx bulbs. It is IFTTT compatible as well, if you’re into that…

Instructions :vulcan:

thanks, my POP is arriving today.

The POP doesn’t seem to work with my hub. When setting up it says it’s looking for the bridge(I did not buy one) and my hub does not show up as a bridge. I also tried adding the pop from my harmony app but there is no option for it. So do I need a bridge? This sucks, even Logitech told me I Pit would work with my hub when I called.

So after talking to Harmony POP support…YES, you do need to buy a POP bridge for the POP switch to work with the Harmony Hub. The only way Logitech sells the POP bridge is in the Starter pack so you are stuck with 2 white switches, or you are stuck with buying extra switches.

I wish the Logitech site was clearer on this. I also wish Logitech support knew about this (they didn’t when i called before making purchase). I wish I could have found this information somewhere before buying, and of course I bought on Amazon so now it will cost me $7 to ship it back.

As Rooster said, the POPs work great. I have 4 so far on one bridge. Unless you never plan on having more than 1 switch, save yourself the $7 and keep the switches for other rooms when you add more bulbs perhaps?

If I didn’t have to buy the hub for $100 I would’ve done it. I’m trying smart things and trying to find compatible switches.

You can also try a flic - www.flic.io but since LIFX added switch reset I haven’t felt the need for a third party switch - simply flick your light off and back on at the power and it will turn on for you.

I can confirm the the Logi Pops do work well with Gen 3 bulbs.

Doing, I a not sure where you were looking, because the Logitech site, amazon, google, and everywhere else I have looked mentions the bridge and also includes a starter pack where the bridge is clearly a part of it. Sorry you had a bad experience.

I agree that it is mentioned everywhere but it doesn’t really state that one is required, I thought it was for suckers that didn’t have a Harmony remote. Even on the phone Logitech didn’t mention that I needed a bridge. I was just hoping other newbs like me could learn from my mistakes

Perhaps that’s not a bad thing, because I must rescind my previous endorsement of the Pop switch. Since I posted this, the Pop switch integration has gone down hill. Now it is not a whole lot better than the lifx app. It regularly only controls 50-60% of the bulbs. Something must have changed on the LIFX side, because Amazon echo still works flawlessly.

In other words, until LIFX posts something on these forums stating unequivocally that the LAN protocol has been fixed, I am not buying any more LIFX bulbs and I am not doing any more troubleshooting. I am just hoping that LIFX fixes things before my wife makes me remove all of the bulbs. The POP switch was the only thing that saved me by allowing her to have a physical switch. Now that this no longer works reliably, I am in the doghouse again.


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Rooster, I’ve now got 6 Pop’s and over 60 bulbs on the same network and 12 of the bulbs are Gen 3’s but none of the Pop’s are controlling Gen 3. No issues so far. Pop works everytime and in all cases the Pop controls more than 1 bulb. Only on the odd occasion, 1 out of 2 or 3 or 4 bulbs in the group may not respond, but a quick power reset resolves that.
I will be adding Pops to my Gen 3’s soon so will test to see if your negative experiences are isolated to the Gen3 only. The LAN protocol has proved to be far more reliable so far for me anyway.

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Mine all got resolved when I switched to a separate VLAN for the bulbs - but somehow my pop app lost ALL of it’s settings, so I am working on rebuilding now. Will keep you posted.