I think I earned the Ignore list

 Anyone else feel like they've been put on the "ignore" list for tech support?

I originally reached out to Taber for tech support over an issue that seemed to emanate from Charter (my ISP) and my connection to the light bulbs. The issue was silently resolved but I feel that my “help” and persistence was to much for the LIFX team and now I seem to be ignored on ANY request.
I’ve spent around $3500 on LIFX products and I feel I should get a response back when I have a problem with one of them. I’ve dedicated a HUGE amount of my time and effort into what makes LIFX LIFX.
I am a nerd at heart, but don’t get me wrong. I’m not sitting in my mom’s basement punching keys because I have no other life. This is what I do, not for a living, but because I’m compelled. If there was a pill I could take to cure me from this, I might just take it.
I enjoy your products everyday, LIFX. I think you are the leading tech on the lightbulb front. But PLEASE take me off the “ignore list”. I can upload a lot of cool videos of my $3500 worth of LIFX products on youtube that will dazzle folks. The locals here love it (I live on the mouth of a major river).

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The LIFX Customer Support Team does not have an ‘ignore list’ of any kind. If you have an open ticket, let me know the case number and I’ll chase it up with Taber, or anyone else I have to.

Personally I have found Taber to be excellent with response times. I have never had an issue with response times etc.


I agree. Taber was always helpful and responded timely until one day, all
of the sudden, I wouldn’t get any response back at all. Not from Taber specifically, He was just the last to respond to me.
To LIFX’s credit, I probably would have put me on an ignore list myself. I understand the dev team is busy and can’t always help everyone every time.
I will try to contact support again about a faulty bulb. I ordered a batch of like 20 bulbs, one of which failed completely (Does absolutely nothing, like screwing a piece of wood into the socket and turning it on). I understand there is an automated process for returning bulbs (if) you still have the receipt (which I don’t). I emailed support and never got a response back (not the first time). I’ll try again.
I understand that I may not be able to get a replacement without a receipt but I’d like to at least confirm that with a response.
On a side note; Keep up the great work LIFX. I LOVE your products and will continue to experiment with different scripts and tricks. I’ll post my findings here on the developer’s sight.

If you don’t get a reply from support let me know and I’ll chase it up directly for you.

I’ve had a few issues in the past and Taber/LIFX support has been nothing short of exemplary.

If Taber was the last to respond, the odds are that your ticket was categorized in a “pending” state, when this happens it’s not in the normal view of a ticket queue. At any given time we have a lot of “pending” tickets which require a response to continue actioning.

Sometimes, habits happen where a ticket is incorrectly put in the wrong state as seems to be the case here.

It’s not intentional but it does happen, a gentle response will move your ticket back to the “open” queue where it will be front and center again.



I’m still not getting a reply. I’m emailing support@lifx.co is this the correct address? It’s been a couple weeks now and still nothing.

In another post in another thread, @daniel_hall says to use support@lifx.com <-- .com

I wonder if people stopped getting responses because the email address they used was wrong. Where did you see the previous email address posted?

They use zendesk so go to the website and create an account, you can track your ticket from that and if nothing happening you can add a comment to kick it along.

both email addresses will work. lifx.co was the company site/email before 2015

 I tried support@lifx.com and immediately got a response. I'm going to have to disagree that support@lifx.co is still an option (at least in my experience). 
 Keep up the excellent work LIFX! Your new products look great! I really like the beam 90 degree angle, will these be available to buy by themselves?!