I want to tell the LIFX dev team exactly what I think of their work

Here’s what I think of the quality of the LIFX dev team’s work.

This is what I sent to your tech support

“I had everything working for months and now only 2 bulbs of 14 can be controlled by the software on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows 10). I’ve reset the bulbs, turned off my 5Ghz radio and tried everything in your help section. It is not acceptable that your product is this unstable. If I don’t get an acceptable solution in a reasonable amount of time, actively campaigning against your product will be my new hobby. Every email, every text, every forum post, and every in-person conversation about home automation products will start with “LIFX firmware is a crime against humanity”. Hang that one on the SCRUM board for your software team because that should be the team’s motto. I can’t imagine someone without tech skills trying to solve these issues. You have no right to sell a product this unstable. Now I know why you don’t have phone support. You are too embarrassed to defend your “science fair” project in person.”

This is my review at Amazon

“This product simply not ready for the public. They admitted that they only have two support reps and their management cower behind them instead of understanding how great customer service works. If you are lucky, the bulbs will work without issue. I work as a software developer and followed all the steps to correct the issues with these bulbs without success. I changed router settings, used their firmware updater, reset the bulbs,and tried using their software on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 without results. Less tech-savvy users have 0% chance of correcting these issues.
The simple truth is that you are taking a huge gamble by investing in this product. I had 14 bulbs working without issue and then every bulb besides 2 of them stopped connecting. Imagine if your smart phone had the connection issues these bulbs have. How is this acceptable? This light has one advantage over a normal LED bulb and their software team blew it. When a company has no phone support or public forum on their website it should be a warning not to invest in their product. Not only am I going to stop using their product but I’m actively going to steer everyone I speak to away from their products. The fact that tech support is just two people speaks volumes about what this company is really about.”

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I’d say that you should simply request your money back and go about your business. Anger is wasted energy.

If I may suggest something to you, if you ask the LiFX team to help you out or replace your bulb if you are interested, I don’t think they will ever say no to help a customer.


Cool down mate.

Hey @falstaff,

You sound really frustrated, which is understandable when things aren’t working. I’m sorry that things havent worked as you expected, and I wanted to let you know that we also don’t think that is acceptable. We strive to make sure our devices work in as many situations as possible. Unfortunately every home network is a little different, and wireless networks in particular are all unique, so sometimes it can be tough making everything work perfectly. However that said we will do our best to work with you, or anyone who has problems.

Have you been in contact with our support team yet? They’re available at support@lifx.com. If you already have a case number from them please add it here and I’ll chase it up with the people here. I can also hand your case directly to our engineers or executive team if it needs it. Please work with us, and we will do our best.

Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help. I work in the Engineering team in Melbourne, and I work very closely with the support team so I can get your case looked at by practically anyone in the company.

You can get in touch with me privately if you like by responding to the PM I sent you when you joined these forums.

Lead Cloud Engineer


I hadn’t gotten the chance to update this post yet.
I did already get help from Jon from marketing based on me having a meltdown on Reddit.
The difference in responses between your tech support and everyone else in the company is night and day.
Tech support told me phone support was impossible since there are only two support reps in total.
Jon told me that just isn’t true. I’m grateful your other employees have responded in exactly the opposite way of your tech support team. I had everything working for months and one 5 sec Florida power outage left me with 2 bulbs on the network and everything else unable to connect. Jon sent me replacements but I’m still very concerned about how fragile their connectivity is. All my phones, tablets, extender hubs, game systems took the power blink in stride and reconnected without issue but the lights didn’t even after adjusting router settings and using tools like the firmware updater. I guess Jon wants to analyze the bulbs to find out why they won’t connect anymore. That being said, the real anger came from tech support assuming I hadn’t exhausted all options already and dragging the conversation on for two days. My investment so far is about $900 so if these bulbs aren’t better than non-smart bulbs in every way then it feels like a rip off. Light bulbs shouldn’t be a product that takes this much effort to get working. Also, my family members and friends would have never been able to troubleshoot to the same level I did. The no hub approach you guys took to the bulbs has its downsides the more bulbs you add it seems. I’m actually at an impasse right now on the product. I might hit the max amount clients for my Asus RT-AC88U router before I’m done adding lights to the whole house. This isn’t a problem caused by LIFX but it’s still going to be a brick wall I hit at some point even if I fix the current issue.

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I found this post regarding another asus router.

I have the same firmware in mine.

This may or may not be the real issue.
I’ll have to wait until the new bulbs come next week.

Lights are pretty much always on a different power circuit. Power outages can often include power spikes that can damage sensitive electronics.

My lights also went ‘offline’ after a power outage. But I was able to reconfigure them from scratch using the Android app. It was as if they had been factory reset. (perhaps our power flickered 5x rapidly simulating the on/off cycles to do a factory reset?)

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I now know the chain of events that happened.
Updated my firmware on my router
A few days went by without issue since the bulbs were already connected
power went out and the issue with discovery with that firmware version had with LIFX then keeps the bulbs off the network

Wait, so the problem was your router’s software?

lol I know how pathetic! nice to see he hasn’t even apologised, retracted his reddit statement or anything. Perhaps he should try his routers support department and then he will truly experience bad service haha

If the only issue with my router’s firmware is that it breaks LIFX and not one of many other products attached to it then its LIFX that has the issue, not my router or their firmware. It didn’t affect any of the other smart devices or phones or tablets connected. That tells me the LIFX code is fragile.


FWIW I had an absolutely terrible time with Lifx bulbs when I first started off. They were on my main SSID and would constantly drop out of communication (multiple times per day) and would show up offline in the app and would not respond to pings on my network. What ended up fixing everything for me is creating a segregated SSID specifically for the lifx bulbs and only have them on that. Firewalled that off from the rest of my network so no network traffic leaks and the Lifx bulbs have not gone offline since.


Interesting, thanks for the info. I’ve had so many connectivity problems it’s not even funny.

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As a user of both Hue and LIFX, I have found the LIFX bulbs to be great - they are very bright and have a rich range of colours. Their app is also very easy to use (although the dimming option took me a little while to discover - we’re used to sliders now, LIFX :slight_smile: ) As for motion discovery, I added support to Trajectio, so if you would like to get more out of your lights, consider backing us: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1109816630/trajectio-motion-powered-hue-and-sonos-smart-home

I’m happy with the performance AND api of LIFX. I am developing a node app that consumes the apis and it works great.

I want to say excellent job!

I read through all your posts and wanna see if you were able to resolve the issues. The 2.14 framework fixed my issues on the 3rd gen bulbs, but I’m assuming you have 2nd gen ones because your post was made prior to their release.

I have personally found that even on enterprise-grade equipment, if you load up too many wireless devices on a single radio, especially those using a lot of data all the time (Nest Cams), any manufacturer’s device will have trouble connecting whether that be LIFX, WeMo, Alexa, Nest, Roku, Chromecast, etc. It’s even worse with consumer-grade equipment from what I’ve read. I’ve got 4 access points and over 120 Wi-Fi devices. I’m definitely teetering on the edge of having too many chatty devices per AP.

I agree with you, this product should be recalled and refunded. I don’t write negative comments about a product unless i strongly believe it is a bad product. In my opinion these lights and software need a lot of improvement. I am going to try another brand and post my review of that in a few months.