Identifier info for all lifx bulbs

Where can i find the listLights details (sample json) for all light bulbs? Need to develop interface based on the identifier of the bulbs.


It took me 5 seconds to find it on GitHub.

Would you be kind enough to share it, Hope you are not referring to Products.json!

Clarify your question. Yes I meant that.

If you mean the list lights from http API then you can create it yourself from the documentation

What i am looking for is products info for all available devices, Like mentioned for LIFX+ A19

 "product": {
      "name": "LIFX+ A19",
      "company": "LIFX",
      "identifier": "lifx_plus_a19",
      "capabilities": {
        "has_color": true,
        "has_variable_color_temp": true,
        "min_kelvin": 2500,
        "max_kelvin": 9000,
        "has_ir": true,
        "has_multizone": false