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If Nanoleaf can do it, so can LIFX (Feature Request)

I recently picked up my first Nanoleaf device, the new hexagonal shapes thing. While the quality of the lights themselves isn’t that great, the mechanism by which they link is tremendous, especially considering they do automatic layout detection.

However, their greatest advantage is just how good their HomeKit integration is. Take a look at the characteristics exposed natively to HomeKit:

Of particular interest is the Animation Service characteristic that takes a string value. Which means you can create scenes in HomeKit that trigger motion or rhythm animations on a Nanoleaf.

I think this would be amazing to have on the LIFX Candles, Beams and Z Strips. :slight_smile:

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

I mean that Nanoleaf can export scenes to HomeKit that trigger either motion or rhythm animations. It does this by creating a custom characteristic called “Animation Service” which it then reads to determine which animation you want it to run.

Looks like this in HomeKit:


From the LIFX side, it would be great for a future update if your HomeKit implementation did something similar for firmware effects, so we can both start them via HomeKit and see if they’re running.

In the screenshot above, my Nanoleaf is actively showing the “Classic Visualizer” and HomeKit shows it as active.

What’s even cooler (and I haven’t quite worked out how they do this yet), is that if you tap the same scene again, it stops the effect. I didn’t know HomeKit could do that.

I believe adding the ability to run firmware effects to scenes is on the roadmap and we already export scenes to homekit.

Yeah, you export scenes which is … ok. Keeping scenes in sync and allowing HomeKit scenes to set multi-zone devices properly would be better. :slight_smile: