If/when will there be Lifx Z api?

Hey so I was wondering if/when there would be a api for targeting specific sectors of the Lifx z bulbs. If anyone knows that would be great!

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There is an API for that, but it’s UDP/IP over LAN only, not REST. A REST API for this would be sweet tho.

Is adding MultiZone Light Control on the roadmap for the HTTP API?

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I sure hope so, that would be amazing

It is on the roadmap. Unfortunately some other tasks have taken priority so i don’t have a timeline on it yet. Sorry.

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Agreed. This is stopping me from buying the LIFX Z strips at all. The best way to do it would be to modify the selectors in the API to address selecting the zones on the strip.


Hi, any update on this at all?

Multi Zone Selectors are now available in the HTTP API.

It is the same as selecting a bulb but you add |1|2|3 etc to set the zone in the selector
If you are using the states method you need to send the bulb many times but only for each zone with a different setting.

That’s great, thank you.

This only seems to work with Set State. When using zone selectors for the Breathe and Pulse Effect, the entire LIFX Z strip changes instead of just the zones specified.

Yes, seems so :frowning: I was hoping to get nice red/green show for xmas but it can’t breath/pulse with zones :frowning:

So when are we getting breath/pulse support for zones?

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