IFTTT and Scenes


I am a NOOB here, but if you could set me on the right course I would be very grateful… There are many experts on here and I am hoping you can answer my question.


a. I have two scenes saved in the app.
1, Random colors
2. White Lights.
b. The Random Colors should run from dusk to dawn.
c. I am using a sensor (motion trigger) to turn on the white lights.
1. White lights turn off after 10 minutes.
2. Random Colors scene runs again.

I thought I could use IFTTT to do this, but I am unable.

How is this accomplished?

Thank you in advance…


what system are you using for your motion sensor?

Basically you want to create an IFTTT account, then hit your user icon and Create.
For the “This” select your motion sensor trigger and “motion detected” (or whatever it gives you)
For the “That” select LIFX and “set Scene”

You may be able to set up another “This” trigger for “no motion for 10 minutes” - it depends.

The other way would just be to set “random” based on a timer.


Thank you for the quick response. I am sorry that my first post was not clear.

I currently use IFTTT to control the lights, but I am quite limited.

There is an option that lets lights fade to off, based on a period of time.

There is no option to just turn off after a set period of time.

If I fade out over a 10 minute period, the lights start fading during a period that I need light.

If I turn it off with a short fade time, the lights are not on long enough.

Also, there is no option to return to “Random Color” scene once the white lights go off.

I have seen some YouTube videos that show multiple options for IFTTT, but every one I have found only has one option.

Any ideas?


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It’d be helpful to know what system your trigger is using. There might be a way to do it, but it very much depends on how much information the motion sensor passes to IFTTT.


This is one of the limitations I have found with IFTTTT. I have exterior Lifx lights that are turned on 1 hour before sunset and then off at 11:10 pm. I run this through Apple HomeKit automations.

One of the lights in the mix is my front porch with also has a Ring version 2 doorbell. In IFTTT I have a trigger set up much like the one jymbob described. You are correct that the IFTTT automation for Lifx bulbs is limited to a dimming to off option. I wanted the same thing: on for 10 minutes at 100% then OFF. I can only do a dim over 10 minutes.

The other limitation of IFTTT was that I could not put a time constraint around the trigger that limited it to ONLY trigger between 11:10 pm (when my exterior light shut down) and dawn. That way all my lights stay on until 11:10, and the front porch light is only triggered by motion at night after HomeKit turns it off. Simple set of logical constraints; unfortunately, that is not supported.

So now, all my exterior lights go one hour before sunset (I’ll shorten that in the summer), but as soon Ring detects motion, the porch light starts it’s 10 minute fade cycle. The rest of my outdoor lights stay on.

I describe this limitation as the lack of IFTTT’s ability to nest automations.

Hope this helps. If you find an answer, please let me know.


Firstly, try Olisto instead of IFTTT. You can set multiple parameters, and also set the lights to do something for ten minutes and then return to what they were doing. I have a system where I press an “Olisto now” button from the statusbar and it sets some of the lights to fade back and forth (the “breathe” function) between two colours for five minutes, which I use for meditation. Then the lights go back to where they were. I’ve set it up so that it uses different coloured lights depending on the time of day, more oranges in the evening so that it doesn’t disrupt my sleep, and that’s still from pressing the same button. You wouldn’t have to have two colours involved, you could easily set it to one.

Edit: the snag is that Olisto doesn’t support motion sensors. I’ll leave it up in case it gives you any other ideas, and you may want to read their discussion on why it doesn’t work.

Secondly, scenes don’t do random colours, unless I have been missing something for all these years. Are you trying to set a scene for animated lights? If you’ve got that to work, I’ll want to hear a lot more about how!