IFTTT "ignore: power" no longer works?

I have been using my IFTTT to set different LIFX scenes automatically depending on the time of day.

I use the advanced option parameter “ignore: power” to ensure the lights stay in the off state if I’m away or asleep.

About a week ago, it seems the “ignore: power” parameter stopped working, so now my lights always switch on when triggered by IFTTT. This is quite inconvenient, especially when I’m asleep.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any tips on how else to set scenes via IFTTT without changing the power state of the bulbs?

Hi Adam,

We are in the middle of upgrading our IFTTT implementation and it seems that we missed that functionality from our legacy implementation. We will reimplement that as soon as possible. Thank you for notifying us and apologies for the inconvenience we have caused.

Thankyou Carl & team - it looks like this has been rectified now.

hi there. can you confirm this is still working? this morning my scene activated and lights turned on the legacy color bulbs.

EDIT: I tested it and i don’t think it’s lifx issue must be something on my hubitat. but going through that app there is a time restriciton on any automation and this occured in the restriction so it should not have turned on.

I still think this was the lifx scene that turned the lights on even with the ignore power setting. can someone confirm this is or isn’t the case please?

Good morning!

I am switching from Smarthings to Hubitat. Any suggestions for using LIFX bulbs with Hubitat appreciated.