Would anyone else be interested in having a LIFX on/off/toggle set of IFTTT Triggers?

I don’t necessarily see the need myself. I find myself using the app https://ifttt.com/products/do/button more than the LiFX one (or voice commands).

Here’s my classic. I put my son to bed. The phone is on the other side of the house, so I flip the switch. This turns off the light, but also makes it impossible to have a scheduled event wake him up in the morning. With a toggle on/off trigger, I could toggle his lights and have them slowly dim off over a fixed duration, and then we could still have him wake up to simulated sunlight everyday at 6:00 am.

What do you think?

I have a similar need. Was looking at those flic buttons, but open to other ideas. Don’t want the kids having to power up their iPods just to turn off the lights

My living room lighting situation is pretty awful - I have one bulb connected to a hard switch, and two lamps across on the other side of the room. Ideally I would want to flip the switch and have all-three lamps come on/off. Seems like if there was a LIFX trigger - i.e. when a bulb is powered on/off - this could be done easily!