IFTTT ON duration timer

I was wondering if it’s possible to set an ON duration in IFTTT? I’m looking to switch on the Lifx when there is motion detected from my Ring Doorbell and then switch off after 2 minutes. Is this possible?

I think I figured it out by making a custom applet that switches the Lifx on then after a fade out duration switches the Lifx off.

Ring motion, Lifx on, then Lifx off with fade out duration

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There is a similar Stringify Flow. You can modify time of day/ after sunset, the time the light stays on

Trying similar recipe. Turn on porch light when my phone connects to the home wifi.

What was the syntax of the advanced code you used for fading/turning off the light after x minutes?

I’ve tried various combinations of fade out / transition but not turning off.

What command are you using? It’ll be easier to help you out if I can see the query you’re doing.

Try using Stringify. It’s easier and has more functions

Would you be able to create one that triggers when ring detects motion, then turns lifx lights on for a duration of 5 minutes, then turns off. Only between 10pm and 5am?

I can’t seem to figure this out on ifttt

If you want to do this with IFTTT you have to use apilio.io. It is quite hard to use for a beginner but you can do much more with it.