IFTTT Random Color only using green and blue

Can this be done on IFTTT? I have a recipe to set it to change to a random color every hour, but it is cycling between green and blue. I can’t find a value to tell it to use a larger range of colors.

I’ve had the IFTTT random color action changing the lights on my desk all day and I’ve seen all sorts of colors, right now I’m looking at red bulbs. Could you publish your recipe and link to it, or attach a screenshot?

You are correct. I just created a recipe using Do to trigger a random color change and ran through it a dozen times. I was seeing all colors on the palette.

Off topic, but I’m kind of proud of this. Using PRTG and IFTTT, I set it to change a light in my office based on bandwidth usage of our main router. <20% = green. 20%-60% = yellow. >60% = red.

Hi guys,

I have a similar question.
I created an applet on IFTTT that I can invoke with Amazon Alexa through voice :
"Alexa, trigger party time"
It works and chooses a random color but I wish it could cycle through multiple random colors like a real party mode :slight_smile:
But I can’t find such an option in the settings of the applet.
Is this even possible through IFTTT ?
Thanks !