IFTTT: Toggle Light with Advanced Option?

Hey! I am trying to set up an IFTTT action to toggle a LIFX bulb. The challenge, though, is that I want to set the brightness when the light comes on.

This is for a nursery, so when we use the NFC tag to turn the bulb on, we want to make sure the brightness is always set to 5%.

I’ve tried using the toggle action with brightness: 0.05 and had no luck at all. I’ve tried several values between 0 and 1 and had no luck.

Am I doing something wrong, or is brightness not an option with the toggle action?


Unfortunately the toggle power ability does not have that ability.

If you’re only ever turning it on, you could use the set state action and set power to on and brightness to 0.05.

Alternatively, you could trigger two ifttt actions maybe? one that changes brightness, and one that toggles power.

Thanks for the reply, delfick. Is it possible to set the brightness of the device before it turns on? The context here is a nursery with a new (and often sleeping) baby and I’d like to be able to turn the light on and off without having to worry about the brightness blasting him in the face :slight_smile:

Yeah, if the device is in soft off, you can set the brightness and it’ll have that brightness when you turn it back on.

Also, if the device is off and you do a SetState to power on, it’ll do the following steps:

  • set the brightness to 0
  • Set color
  • turn on
  • set brightness to new value

So it should do what you want.

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