IFTTT transition and fade in

Hi there,

I work at a non-profit and I picked up a few LIFX bulbs for my marketing team at work. My goal was to connect their work in fundraising more closely to live results as donations came in. Huge success in that department. The lights blink in different colors depending on the type of donation. Big cheers whenever the light show goes off. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to get the lights to stay on for a bit longer using the advanced options for “breathe”. None of the changes I make to the transition or fade duration makes any difference in the behavior of the bulb. They blink quickly on and off no matter what the values are. The custom color values on the other hand are working perfectly, so I know the advanced options are used.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Unfortunately the transition_duration, fade_in_duration and the fade_out_duration do not apply to the blinking or breathing actions.

The only thing I can recommend is to increase the number of breaths or use the HTTP API directly.

I will add this to the feature requests list for the IFTTT Integration.

Thanks for the clarification. Keep up the awesome work! I look forward to future updates.

I second that. I have a different use case where I am using a dlink motion to trigger my lights via IFTTT, but there is no way to tell them to stay on for a certain duration. Not sure if IFTTT is the right tool for that - it would be even better if the lifx app allowed for a timer setting. (and would be a lot easier to implement)

This is still an issue. Any idea when it’ll be improved?