IFTTT - transition lights on then off

Looking at this article:

i am looking to setup advance options when
A) i enter an area, it will turn on the hallway lights, then fade out the lights.
B) enter an area, transition lights on - fade in 5min, then transition lights off - fade out 5mins.

Applet: 75684432d

  • Enter an area
  • Which lights - entrance lights
  • Fade in duration = instant
  • Color = cold white
  • Brightness = 100%
  • Advance Options = fade_out_duration: 600;

Should the advance options be:
transition_duration: 2.5;
fade_in_duration: 300;
fade_out_duration: 300;
ie. 2.5 = 2.5 seconds for transition of fade in to fade out
300 = 300 seconds to fade in and 300 to fade out?

I assume ‘Fade in duration’ option should also be: ‘Custom, see Advance Options’

thanks! /j

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Nadolbose, did you ever find these advanced options to turn on/off your LIFX bulbs using IFTTT? I am trying to accomplish the same thing as you but was unable to get the LIFX bulb to fade out or turn off.

Anyone have luck with turning off the lights as above?

You can set IFTTT to do several consecutive actions? I’ve only just learned to do some stuff in Stringify, but would love to have the option to do more complex things in IFTTT than I currently can.