Inconsistency wireless connection with lifx

I had 28 lifx color bulbs in my house. I am experiencing inconsistency wireless connection and response on my lifx bulbs are slow too. My living room has 8 lifx color bulbs, when i switch them on, it takes times to light up. Same for switch off and change color. Quite often connect lost and need to switch off and on the physical switch. Abit frustrated.

About my wireless router. I had already using one of the best asus ac88u and added 4 extender inside my house to cover all weak spot. I configure all the extender to be same ssid and password to have smooth transition.

How should i improve my system to prevent minimum wireless connection lost on my lifx bulbs and overall performance?

Abit frustrated when in rush and can not turn on and off bulbs.

Did you ever figure out the issue you were having?

I noticed that when going through the LIFX Cloud, I’d often find myself having issues with the lights, some not turning on etc. Using the app when my phone’s on the same network as my lights, I didn’t have these problems.

The first thing I’d wanna know is if you’re phone was on Wi-Fi when you had these problems.

Second, how many lights were on the various Wi-Fi access points? For instance, if you have too many on one unit, that could be a cause for problems.

Lastly, how many devices do you have total connected to each one of those units?

Since you have extenders, what are they? Repeaters or other access points with physical Ethernet connections?

Samho it is a problem with LIFX Wireless implementation. I have the AC68U and on the Z i see exactly the same problems. LIFX Support denies this and they even questioned me where I saw people talking about it as apparently there are no issues with their product, gen 2 on.

I have 7 original bulbs and they have no problem on my router but the two z’s fail after 24 to 48 hours, drop off the network and the cloud connection is problematic at best.

LIFX are not listening to our problems or are not acknowledging them when we are the perfect people to help them locate and resolve the issue.