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Inconsistent network naming?

We have 62 LIFX lamps, are trying to troubleshoot why some keep disappearing from the network and one thing we’ve encountered is inconsistencies in the network names. Some will use ‘LIFX-GU10-Macaddr’ while others will use the name that we give the lamp (which is preferred for finding them). All are on FW: 3.6.0.

The settings for these all appear the same. Nothing there that I can see that would cause this. Some lamps were setup differently (per instructions from LIFX Employees) due to some problems we were encountering. I can’t find my notes on which these were and if there is any correlation but even so there s/b a difference in settings.


Yeah, if you ever work out why this happens, let me know. I had a range of theories based on how the light is onboarded to how it got named via HomeKit vs the LIFX app, and all my theories seemed promising until one bulb would go and do the wrong thing.

Eventually I just gave up trying.

So, the names you see here are the “friendly hostname” of the device as part of mDNS. It’s formatted by using the RFC1034 version of the bulb’s label.

By default it’s the RFC1034 version of the bulb’s SSID (the network name that shows up when it’s been factory reset)

There is a difference between older and newer LIFX firmware that means with older firmware, changing the accessory label in Homekit itself wouldn’t change the hostname on the network.

When you change the label of the device in the app or programmatically, we are using the LIFX protocol and that should be updating the hostname. It also is possible that changing the device’s label via the LIFX protocol might not be updating the hostname, and that would require some investigation to work out why.

How have you been changing the labels of these devices?

All of these lamps were purchased this spring and all are on FW 3.6.0. The names were either set during initial adoption or in the LIFX IOS App under Light Settings / Device Name.

Edit: To add a bit more detail… Some of these were onboarded w/ the HomeKit procedure but when LIFX failed to work with that we’d let them timeout to the LIFX procedure to onboard them. All have consistent Device Names consisting of two-letter code for floor level + room + specific descriptor within the room.

I’m not quite the same as LD1: as you know, I have a broad range of bulbs from the Original Kickstarter all the way up to the Candle Colour. They’re all on the latest available firmware for their generation.

I have some (like the Candle Colour) that will not change their hostname no matter how often or how I change their labels. Others as I mention before will change their hostname.