Incorrect bulb status

Hi all,

Has anyone else got Gen2 v1.22 bulbs that frequently lie about their status? Home-Assistant commands them to turn on, and they report back that they’re on. However, the darkness suggests that they’re not.

If the bulbs are discoverable (entirely hit and miss) in the Lifx app, or the lifxlan python app, they will show as ‘on’ and bright, but that’s a lie.

With Home-Assistant, I can happily ask for a bulb to be turned off, and then on again, and the bulb will light - so they are connected.

At all times, the wireless access points show that the bulbs are connected, and Smokeping monitoring shows that they’re responding to ICMP. They’re on Cisco/Meraki APs with dedicated SSIDs for the bulbs, and exhibit the same issues with Ubiquiti access points. They are also blocked at the firewall as my house is frequently offline and ‘cloud connectivity’ was a liability.

I’ve already been through various iterations with support, to the extent that I’ve declared the bundle of 6 a loss and had a refund. But this is a last ditch attempt.

Any thoughts? I’ve also tried resetting them all, but the issue persists.