Dear All,
I would like to know if it`s possible to set my 12 Lifx Bulbs to turn ON just for example 30% brightness in a specific interval, for example between 11PM - 7AM when I go in the Kitchen.
Thanks in advance

Did you check schedules on the app?

Thanks boxhead, but maybe I forget to mention the fact that the bulb is switched off completely (no power supply)… The Fibaro HC2 is turning on the lifx light when I go in the kitchen triggered by the motion sensor… So should be stored somehow the schedule in the bulb

Ok so you want the power on at a set level. The newer bulbs power on at the last setting. There was talk of a firmware update that allowed you to control this.
Your problem is they need to power ok then connect to wifi before any software can set the brightness.
Bulb can’t do what you want dynamically