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iOS 3.15.0 Public Beta Released


We’ve just released 3.15.0 as a public beta. Join the beta here. There are a couple noticeable new features in this release, but there is also a big focus on some new options to help users get their lights set up. In terms of features, there is now an option for ‘Advanced Kelvin Control’ in the Advanced Options section in settings. This will remove the segments from the white wheel and allow you to specify more granular whites up to the nearest 50 Kelvin. We should be getting the Android version out later this week.

Release Notes

  • Added new advanced white wheel options for more granular kelvin control.
  • Improvements to onboarding including support for firmware updates during onboarding and configuring cloud connection during onboarding.
  • Updating firmware on the edit screen for a given light only updates the firmware for the selected light.
  • Fixed issue with display of effect settings on iPad.
  • Various other stability improvements.