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iOS App Update 3.14.0 Released


We have just started rolling out LIFX iOS App update 3.14.0 on the App Store to all users. This update will roll out gradually, but you can also update manually on the update page of the App Store app on your device. The Android version with the same features will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Release Notes

  • Improvements to reliability of communication with lights.
  • Improvement to caching of light information to improve app startup experience.
  • Themes now take into account light brightness, and will never become brighter than the current light brightness.
  • Improvement to the brightness changing behavior on Multi-Zone products and Tile. When a Theme is applied, brightness will scale rather than setting all LEDs to the same brightness.
  • Added support for expanded Kelvin range on Mini Color and Mini Day Dusk.
  • Fixed issue where the Day Dusk icon on the Dashboard was inaccurate when a light was moved to a different group.
  • Fixed bug where color links couldn’t be pasted.
  • Fixed issue where the app didn’t log out after the user had revoked access to the account.


Running latest IOS on XsMax.

After Clear Cache in Avanced options, I cannot switch individual lamps on/off etc. anymore.

When kill the app and start again , all fine again



Thanks for that, we’ll have a look