IRC controlling lifx? Anyway how?

So i need help. Im not a good developer at all so im mainly looking for a program that may already is made or possibly finding someone to help me make this a thing.

Im looking to have a IRC Chat be able to send commands to my lifx bulbs for a future project.

Twitch(a live streaming service) uses a IRC server for their chat. I would like to have viewers be able to do like commands !blue or !red or !blink in chat and that will send a command over to the bulbs on my wifi in real time.

I looked on IFTTT for something like this but cant… nor would i want the delay IFTTT has most of the time.

Anyone know anyway to make my idea come true? Thanks a bunch.

You could definitely make this work, but afaik there’s no market-ready solution.

It’s possible to do. Do you still need help with it? I can help you come up with something to run on your machine; although, hooking into IRC would be on you. Would that work?

If you can make !blue translate into a website call, you could either do the HTTP API call directly under the hood in IRC, or you can run a webserver online that proxies calls to the lights when someone types !blue.