Is LIFX Support Team Disbanded?

I had written to the support Team asking for some help. And it has been more than month, yet nobody has replied. I don’t know what’s happening. As much as their products are good, their support absolutely SUCKS !! PERIOD !!

So can someone please help me with my problem ?

I have two A19 LIFX Bulbs. I would like to know and I wanted instructions step by step on how to configure the LIFX A19 bulbs with SIRI to start using with voice commands.

Thanks in Advance !

Waaaa. Really!


FFS it is documented on their website. Your inability to do some research is not their problem. Learn to be self sufficient.

You wrote to them. Did you go to the support website ? No clearly not

Either you do not have any of LIFX products in reality !! Or you haven’t paid for any of the Lifx Products from your pocket and you have got all for free. When I purchased LIFX Products they LIFX signed up for an unconditional support to me as a customer ! Now I don’t know if you are dumb or what ? To not to understand that support cannot be selective and according to their whims and fancies and what they think should be supported and what not !! So better shut your trap if you cannot help any ways.

I have 12 paid for by myself.

I know exactly what support is, I have used Lifx support a number of times and never had a problem, they have been responsive and brilliant. ALWAYS!

You are a spoilt brat will expects everything to be handed to you on a silver platter.

All that you need is documented on their website. If you fill in their support form it will answer your question or raise a support ticket.

Your learnd helplessness is not their problem.

Do you expect people to help you when you could Google the answer you want. Do you really think that bitching and blaming their support team will do you any good ?

Support is there if there is a problem not because you are unable to read a simple web page with exact instructions.

Oh look. This took 1 second to find with a Google search

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