LIFX Developer Zone

Is the App good on any platform?

I have around 40 LIFX bulbs in various parts of the house, multiple access points and everything is properly configured. The only thing that works (just) is using a voice control medium like Alexa to turn on and off lights. I bought these because they were by far the brighest smart bulbs at the time.

The Android app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is absolute garbage. Rarely detects bulbs, takes an age to do so, multiple repeated commands fail. In 2021 with some of the streamlined apps out there, this app looks like a joke.

The Windows 10 app is worse, it basically doesn’t exist in the state that it’s in.

I’ve never used the app on IOS, but I’m sure it’s just as bad.

At £60-70 you’d expect some premium control. Yes the bulbs are bright and the features are great, but who cares when you can’t use it?