Is the bulb's housing heat affecting my bulb's wifi?

I just recently installed 3 BR30 bulbs into some recessed can-light fixtures and was having trouble with connectivity. I removed them to see if that helped ‘reset’ them (after the recommended 5x power cycle, that is) and I noticed that the housing (ceramic I’m guessing) was extremely hot. Not scolding hot, but hot enough to almost drop it. So I got to wondering a few different things: 1) Does that heat have anything to do with the connectivity problems that I am having? 2) What is the max temp. that these bulbs and components can handle? 3) If I was able to figure out a way to get air moving across them will that have any positive effect?

Not sure the heat would affect the connectivity of the bulbs, but the recess itself may be blocking some of the signal. Try removing the bulb and letting the recess cool and then re-insert the bulb and test before the recess gets hot again. My guess is that you’ll still have the connectivity issues when the recess is cool, because it’s the recess blocking the signal.

I have found that when the bulbs get hot, they tend to have connection/reconnection issues particularly after a power outage that affects the router. If the router restart/rescan does not pick up the lights, which tend to be ready prior to the router, I normally have a light that stays on until I physically shut it off, let it cool and restart. Sometimes this can be weeks as I run these in a remote location that I or someone only gets to once a month or so. Remote tends towards power problems historically.

I considered using a wemo switch to power cycle the circuit the lights are on, but that defeats the purpose of the LIFX bulbs being independent.

I solved the basic issue by putting the remote router on a UPS so that it never has to power cycle unless it is a managed event. If the power to the lights goes down, at least the router will be there when they come back online rather than the other way around.

In addition, I have found that certain spots have WiFI dead zones, even if there is an AP very close (like a few feet) and other LIFX devices further away are connected to the same AP.

With the new LIFX+ bulbs, I have found they get extremely hot while the infrared mode is activated. It is effectively keeping the units on 100% of the time. I have now taken to switching off the IR to let it cool down while I use an alternate bulb to light the area in conjunction with the camera’s own IR mode.

I went and bought another bulb, same issue. Gets very hot when off and then loses connectivity. I think I’m giving up on what should be an amazing product.

The bulb just does not feel safe to be in the house. Guess I have to go with the Philips hub…


Are you sure it’s heat. With the normal gen 3 there other threads where people like me with even one bulb can’t get it to stay connected for very long. I touched mine and it’s cold to touch and it disconnects so it might not be heat causing those hotter bulbs to disconnect. Maybe all bulbs are just showing the same connection bug.

I agree that they don’t feel safe enough to be in the house, which is why I’m about to return all of my Lifx bulbs and switch to something else.