Is the initial setup of a lightbulb using the LAN protocol possible?

Hey there, I was wondering whether the LAN protocol provided a way to perform the initial setup of a bulb without a smartphone App, since I don’t have a smartphone. I have skimmed the documentation for the LAN protocol, but there seems to be no device message that lets me connect a new bulb to my WiFi router.

Did I miss something or is there no way around the app?

The app is required for onboarding, via iOS or Android

Are there any plans to let people connect a light to their network without the app?

Bueller … Bueller … Bueller … ?

There are currently no plans to make this documentation public.

I saw some reverse-engineered implementation of pairing process on GitHub. It has not been updated for years and I have no idea if it even works anymore so I’m not linking it here. Some people were not happy that pairing process is sending wireless network password in plaintext. Again, that may have changed with later protocol versions.

It seems strange that a company would use a free app to limit the number of devices they sold.

Although the light worked well in our testing, I guess we will have to specify a different light for our product integration. It is impractical to ask someone to download 2 apps to use a light.

Yep, this really is a bummer - I wouldn’t want to spend that much money on a device I don’t have full control over. Since I found LIFX through its kickstarter page, I was hoping it would be open for the community and respect users freedoms, but I was wrong. Also, it seems I have to make an account to even use the light. Thanks, but no thanks. I would still be willing to buy though if no account were required and the initial setup process would be documented.

Maybe they will get out of the '70s some day ???