Is there a way to set a Callback URL so that LIFX bulbs can inform they are online?

Hi LIFX Team,

Is there a way to set a Callback URL so that LIFX bulbs can inform they are online?

Scenario: Someone in my home turned off the physical switch “A” that one of the LIFX bulbs is on, some time later my web app changes the color I want. Almost all bulbs (B,C,D,E, etc) change to the correct color (one can’t because it’s off). Later I tun on the physical switch “A” where that original LIFX bulb was.

Challenge: There is no way for my web app to get informed that LIFX lifix bulb “A” is now online… even though the bulb did connect to wifi.

Request: Can I register a callback URL that the LIFX service can call whenever one of my LIFX bubls comes online? (that way my webapp can ping it’s color and adjust to whatever it should be to match the others)


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We currently do not allow webhooks to be registered to detect when a bulb is coming online. I’ll add this to the feature request list, and comment back here when something comes of it.

At the moment the best solution for this would be to poll the HTTP API (taking care to stay within the rate limiting) to watch as light come online or go offline.

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Thanks for the fast reply. Would be great to get that feature prioritized, here are some reasons that come to mind:

  1. Your customer is asking for it :wink:
  2. Instead of receiving 86400 API requests per day (one per second) to detect just 2 events (bulb is on, bulb is off) your servers just handle two callbacks per day.
  3. All LIFX bulbs can be in sync even when one of them was turned off at the wall switch by mistake.
  4. Actually in a way it’s really about the value (not price) of each LIFX bulb going up by about $60 - That’s the price of a Leviton DZC Universal in-wall switch. Except that all I have to do is place the LIFX bulb and now my regular wall switch can be a trigger for my web app, you can participate in the IFTTT trigger recipes, existing customers will want to buy dozens of LIFX bulbs because now they can configure the LIFX by the entrance of the house to trigger on all the other LIFX’s in the house… actually so many ideas come to mind… you could run a developer contest with this topic alone… if only webhooks were implemented sooner :slight_smile:


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I understand this question being asked almost a year ago. So still webhook kind of concept is not yet implemented? Still i need to use polling concept to fetch the latest status?

That is correct, we are still investigating options for live state updating that wont put too much load on our infrastructure.

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Is there any timeline or roadmap for these kind of features?

This would also be a key feature for me. Doesn’t even need to be a cloud-based web hook. Even being able to do this with LifxLan would be great.

99% of smart bulbs are connected to dumb switches. This is a key mechanism to cope with power off for a bulb.

I would also like this feature. In fact I’d prefer a LAN only implementation over a cloud implementation.
I bought my LIFX bulb to be a status light for my homebrew thermostat monitoring code. I have a dashboard webpage, but I don’t want to be checking it all the time. Having a light gently breathing (in a pale blue) in the corner lets me know all is OK and flashing red means I need to log in and see what’s up.