Is there a web app to control bulbs?

I want some of my bulbs to always come on with an effect, like Flicker, or Random. But if I leave the app open on my phone, it runs down my battery. I thought about maybe dedicating an old Android phone to this task and stick it in a corner running the app to accomplish this. Unless there is a web app that I don’t know about…

Would also be interested in a raspberry pi or esp8266 solution if that’s what it takes.

Hi @J_Watts,

Have you tried

Handles most of your web-based LIFX needs.



Effects don’t work via the cloud. The HTTP API is very limited in this regard.

A dedicated phone for this is your best option. You might want to try OnSwitch, it has some nice effects. Most are hidden behind a paywall though.

Here is a client side web application with effects option

  • Group/Light selecting
  • Switch on/off
  • Send color in RGB
  • Send effects (Breathe, Pulse)
  • CURL output in js console