Is there an issue with the LIFX Cloud in Australia?

Status says operational on the website but no password reset emails are coming through.

Have been trying for 2 days now.

Have contacted support but their hours are Mon-Fri PST, so I won’t hear anything until tomorrow.


EDIT: I was able to sign up here with the same email for the password reset, it came through straight away

I’ve been experiencing issues as well in Spain this past few days, so it probably is a general issue


It’s not a widespread issue, sometimes they have difficulty coming through (email as a federated worldwide system is surprisingly complicated).

@someguyhere your edit suggests you got it working in the end?

@papitou did you submit a ticket by any chance?

Nope, I realized it yesterday and I was just waiting to see if it got fixed by itself…

Fair enough. I suggest making a ticket and our support team will sort it out for you :slight_smile:


My edit was to show there was no issue with receiveing emails at my address from LIFX.

3 days with no password reset email and no response so far from support.

Extremely frustrating. I’m only able to continue to control my lights because I hadn’t signed out on a 3rd device.

I contacted support but only received a pro forma response email, no case number.

Edit: Based on the hours the email I received says the support team operates (Mon-Fri 9-5 PST, I have about 11.5 hours before I may get a response. Frankly I’m annoyed that an international company doesn’t have someone on support during weekends.

hmm, you definitely should have got a response, I’ll reach out to you in a private message and see if we can sort this out.