Is this Colour Light Possible on LIFX A19 Bulb?

Hi Guys,

I have the LIFX A19 Bulb two actually, I was wondering if this exact same colour on the A19 Bulb is possible to create ? And which colour is this on the LIFX APP ? Can anyone identify it ?

Please check the attached pictures.


And also this one, which colour on the LIFX APP is this ?

Without knowing the white balance values of your photos or what items in them are actually an actual white there’s really no way of duplicated an actual color. Now, if you DO know what’s white then find the RGB value of that “white” area in your photo and use that to set the bulb.

It is a Picture that I took from YouTube it is of a YouTube Blogger who is Travelling in a Plane, So it is a in-flight mood lighting which is seen in the Photo.

Apart from that I have no idea or have any other information about it. All I know is I wanna replicate the same colour with my LIFX A19 Bulb and my question is, is it possible to replicate the same colour ?